Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa attracts a lot of tourists with the most developing tourism potential in Vietnam along with long seashores, hundreds of big-small islands, many spectacular bays seen as the world’s most beautiful bay such as Van Phong, Nha Trang, Cam Ranh…; a lot of nice beaches, white sands, blue sea and harmony weather.

Khanh Hoa is also rich in the diversely humane tourist source system with many national monuments: Po Nagar Temple, the monument of Dr. Alexandre Yersin Museum, amazing festivals such as Ponagar Temple festival, Whale Worship festival, Salanganes Nest festival… and other famous attractions. From 2006 to now, Khanh Hoa has become the extreme ideal venues of politics – culture – tourism- society events through beauty pageants in Vietnam and in the world.

Especially, Khanh Hoa province will become the host of Visit Vietnam Year 2019 with the theme: “Nha Trang – Colours of the Sea” with plenty of excitingly impressive activities.


– Nha Trang Beach festival has been well-known as a traditional festival of Tram Huong local people organized every two years, sending the meaningful message of the country as well as Nha Trang people on this special land with amazing nature, diverse resources, rich culture identity, always warmly welcome friends all over the world, meanwhile appealing everyone to put hands together to protect the sea, sea environment, confirm Vietnam’s sea and island sovereignty.

– Nha Trang is well-known as a city gathers beauty pageants from 2016 until now such as Miss Vietnam World, Miss Vietnam, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss Vietnam Universe… taking turns to select Nha Trang as the ideally competitive stage of beautiful ladies worldwide.

– Visit Vietnam Year 2019 is seen as the year of amazing culture – economic – society events with national and international scale. The special events will be organized in 2019 include:

• The publication ceremony “Visit Vietnam Year 2019, Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa” along with “Welcome New Year 2019”;
• Opening ceremony “Visit Vietnam Year 2019 – Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa” combined with “Opening Ceremony of Nha Trang Beach Festival 2019”;
• The Ending Ceremony “Visit Vietnam Year 2019 – Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa”;
• The entrepreneurs’ convention of central coastal regions;
• Sea Festival Week 2019;
• Nha Trang – Hong Kong Yacht Race 2019”
• Vietnam Beach Tourism Celebration.
• Triathlon competition “Challenge Vietnam 2019” in Khanh Hoa


Khanh Hoa is the great land of long history and culture. All Khanh Hoa residence generations from all regions, from country to islands, from Cham-Rag lai to Kinh – Hoa- Ede, K’ho…., during the process of establishment and development, they have formed cultural shape including general and particular characteristics for Vietnam central culture. This has been impressively reflected by traditional festivals. If village temple festival seen as a typical festival of agricultural people in Khanh Hoa combined with Thanh Hoang Lang’s merit, early pioneers who had explored new lands, building villages, hamlets, so the festival of fishermen not only goes with Thanh Hoang Lang but also Whale Worship “Ong Nam Hai” – was the fish saved people who have sea accidents in case of the big waves and strong winds, meanwhile helped fishermen with having a bumper crop of fish. Particularly, during the time of living together, Vietnamese learned many native’s festivals to create a cultural festival for Cham – Viet impressively such as Am Chua festival, Ponagar festival with the worship of Goddess “Thien Y A Na”. Khanh Hoa residents also hold worship ritual at shrines, temples in order to commemorate the heroes who had great contributions for the country like Trinh Phong, Tran Qui Cap… Besides that, they also make the worship of Hung Vuong on March 10th, Duc Thanh Than (Tran Hung Dao) in August every year (the Lunar Year). Khanh Hoa festivals are special with unique and great folk values. Almost festivals have origins of the labors, traditional customs, not only religion shapes but also spiritually cultural activity, express the tradition of respecting ancestor, “when drinking water, think of its source”, memorizing people who has great contribution of constructing and protecting country. Through festivals, visitors in Vietnam or from all over the world, researchers can study more about interesting facts of Khanh Hoa history, traditionally cultural values of the local and the land.

– PONAGAR FESTIVAL is hold every year from 20th to 23rd of March (the Lunar Year) at Po Nargar Temple, Vinh Phuong Ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. The main activities of the festival include Custom Change (Tam Tuong Festival), Flower-garlands and coloured lanterns festival, Worship festival of Peaceful people- Prosperous Nation, Goddess incense, Traditional worship, Khai Dien and Ton Vuong festival, Ball performance and Literature singing. All activities of Ponagar Temple festival are held with solemn atmosphere, conveying the true heart. Moreover, the exciting activities make festival experience become more sacred.

– WHALE WORSHIP FESTIVAL and BA TRAO Yodeling: In the fishermen’s viewpoints, Ca Ong (Whale) is the sacred fish in the sea, which is gentle and helpful in saving people under dangerous sea storms. The whale died and then was rolled to the seashore of the village, it means that village would make the shrine called “Lang ong Nam Hai”, keep his bones carefully. Along the beach from Dai Lanh – Van Ninh to Nha Trang – Cam Ranh, the whale temples and shrines are built in many places. Every year, on the death anniversary, or in the spring or the fall, Ong Nam Hai ritual is held at the village temple as a festival. Hon Tra Trao is both fun folk games and a ritual in the worship.

– SALANGANIES NEST FESTIVAL: Is organized on May 10th every year (the Lunar Year). The festival is held by a lot of people who have taken salangane nests on Hon Noi island where placed the shrine of Salangane island Goddess with solemn rituals. The work of Salangane nest exploration in Khanh Hoa has started over 600 years. It is seen as a “golden job” but it’s very dangerous, risky because they always hang themselves on the unsafe rock edges to pick up salangane nests. Therefore, the festival is a nice occasion for the labors to commemorate early pioneers’ contributions, worship and consecrate, worship to be blessed with peace and happiness.